Coach  Irisbus


Reference: 563

Features Frame

Brand: Irisbus
Model: Eurorider 397E 12.38
Front axle with independent suspension.
Engine,Iveco D-F3AE3682C*M 279 KW 380 CV Euro 5
Gearbox, mechanical ZF 6S - 6 Speeds.
Hydraulic Intarder ZF with descent programmer.
Disc brakes integrals.
Aluminum tyres.
Registration Date: Sep. 08
Km: 598.343-Klm

Bodywork features

Brand: Nogé, SL.
Model: Touring 12.35
Length: 12.000-Mm.
Reclining seat GaudĂ­ with belts homologated.
Clime control, Hispa Cold.
Water heating for convection.
Preheated with programmer.
Video with DVD and 2 monitors.
Audio system and megaphone, radio compact disk.
Double windows, tinted panoramic.
School regulatory system.
Inside, well.
Outside, well.
Glasses, well.
Delivery immediate.
Seating capacity: 55 + 1 + 1