Microbus  Mercedes Benz


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Features Frame

Brand: Mercedes Benz
Model: 515 CDI
Front axle with independent suspension.
Engine,Mercedes: D 646986 -110 KW 50 PS. Euro 4
Gearbox, mechanical, Mercedes - 6 Speeds.
Disc brakes integrals.
New Engine...
Registration Date: Feb. 09
Km: 859.540-Klm

Bodywork features

Brand: Unvi, SA.
Model: Vega
Length: 7.530-Mm.
Reclining seat Vogel Sitze with belts homologated.
Air conditioning, Diavia with individual outputs
Water heating for convection.
Radio compact disk.
Tow hook.
School regulatory system.
Inside, well.
Outside, well.
Glasses, well.
Delivery immediate.
Seating capacity: 19 + 1