Coach  Volvo


Reference: 567

Features Frame

Brand: Volvo
Model: B 12 B 6X2
Front axle with independent suspension.

Engine:D. 4T / DH 12 E 460 EC 06 -338 KW 460 PS.
Cruise control programmer.
Gearbox, automatic, Volvo, Easy Shift 12 Speeds.
Voith hydraulic retarder with descent programmer.
Disc brakes integrals.
Device level suspension.
Aluminium tyres.
3rd. Axle directional.
Registration Date: Abr. 08

Bodywork features

Brand: Sunsundegui S A.
Model: Sideral 330
Length: 14.995-Mm.
Reclining seat Ergos CH with belts homologated – with pads - footrests.
Clime control, Carrier / Sütrack.
Water heating for convection.
Video with DVD and 2 monitors.
Audio system and megaphone, radio compact disk.
Double windows, tinted panoramic.
School regulatory system.
Inside, well.
Outside, well.
Glasses, well.
Delivery immediate.
Seating capacity: 71 + 1 + 1