Microbus  Mercedes Benz


Reference: 600

Features Frame

Brand: Mercedes Benz
Model: Sprinter 619 CDI
Front axle with independent suspension.Engine:D/ 642896-6 / 2987 - 140 KW 190 PS. Euro VI-C
Cruise control programmer.
Gearbox, Mercedes automatic.

Registration Date: Mar. 18
Km: 45.554

Bodywork features

Brand: Carbus-Net, SL.
Model: Spica
Length: 7.740-Mm.
Reclining seat Kiel with belts + individual USB
Clime control, Webasto
Water heating for convection
Video with DVD and 2 monitors
Audio system and megaphone, radio compact disk
School regulatory system
Delivery Juni 19.
General conditions impeccable

Seating capacity: 19 +1