Coach  Volvo


Reference: 618

Features Frame

Brand: Volvo
Model: B 13 R 4X2
Front axle with independent suspension.

Engine, Volvo D4T/D13C460 - 345 KW - 470 PS. Euro 5

Cruise control programmer.

Gearbox automatic Volvo, Easy ShiftS 12 speeds.

Voith hydraulic retarder with descent programmer.

Disc brakes integrals.

Device-level suspension.

Aluminum tyres.


Registration Date: Abr. 12
Km: 653.707

Bodywork features

Brand: Beulas, SAU
Model: Aura 12,720-Mts.
Length: 12,720-Mts.
Reclining seat Ergos CLT with belts + options

Clime control, Webasto..

Water heating for convection

Preheated with programmer

Video with DVD and 2 monitors

Audio system and megaphone, radio compact disk

Double windows, tinted panoramic

Retro reversing camera.

Xenon lights.

Electronic advertisings posters.


School regulatory system


Delivery immediate

Very good conditions

Seating capacity: 54+1+1